Dr. Martina Tobin – BA, PhD, Chartered Forensic Psychologist (BPS)

Martina received a BS Applied Psychology (1990) and a Research Doctorate in Forensic Psychology in 1997 (UCC), subsequently working as a lecturer in Forensic and Abnormal Psychology at the University of North London. She has over fifteen years’ experience of working with a forensic client base, having joined the Prison and Probation Services in London. Part of her work in the prison focused on the assessment treatment and management of sex offenders. She has the necessary skills to clinically assess what happened, the mindset and cognitions of the individual and the likelihood if guilty of reoffending.

Her work with the Probation Services included assessment and the provision of individually tailored therapeutic programmes for adolescents with mental health and behavioral needs. She has extensive experience in the assessment for court, of sexually inappropriate behaviours by teenagers.

Having returned to live in Cork, Martina continues to do consultancy work for the Prison and Probation Services in London and also lectured on the forensic Masters in UCC.

Overview of Psychological Services for Court.

  • assessment of teenagers with behavioural problems.
  • assessment of teenagers or adults who are victims of or those who have been accused of sexual offences.
  • In court, as a psychologist I am most often engaged as an expert to assess emotional factors related to personal injury litigation. I assess specific emotional factors that might result from traumatic injury, such as post- traumatic stress, depression, chronic pain or anxiety
  • As a Psychologist I have also been asked to evaluate the long term emotional impact of events, such as the impact on a child of losing his/her mother, or the impact of victimisation related to a criminal act.
  • In the area of employment law, I have also been involved, in the assessment of psychological factors related to harassment or sexual harassment in the workplace, discrimination issues, and psychological disability related to Worker’s Compensation.